991/718/981 Front Lid Liner

$ 209.00

Designed specifically for Porsche, Lid Liners are your only protection from stored cargo and misplaced items.  Improperly placed stored cargo will damage your trunk lid from the inside, creating visible damage to the exterior.  
Referred to as the "missing part" by Porsche owners, it is easily installed by inserting nylon clips through the part into the factory bracing of the lid.   The liner not only protects your Porsche but adds an aesthetic finish that compliments the existing trunk design.
Weight: 1lb. 10oz.
Fits: 911(991/991.2) 2012-2019
        Cayman (981/718) 2012-Present
        Boxster/Spyder front 2012-Present
Prevent Common trunk lid damage to your Porsche with guaranteed Lid Liner products
.-SEE OUR EASY REMOVAL VIDEO on the Testimonials page!

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